Nabila Ismail (@doseoftravel) took the trip from the group chat and ran with the idea. The 30-year-old founder of Dose of Travel Club is single-handedly building a community of South Asians and allies through safe, welcoming, and inclusive travel experiences. 

It started with Nabila sharing her solo travel stories as a young Pakistani-American woman. These joys and lessons garnered countless views, inviting over 300,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok. You might notice New York, Dubai, and Houston in her bio. Think of these cities as travel bases rather than home; after all, Nabila is a citizen of the world.

In a recent Business Insider piece, she shares more about her transition from pharmacist to globetrotter. I was more interested in what lay ahead, so I recently sat down with this modern-day Carmen San Diego for a virtual coffee to learn more!

“At its core, what I’m building here is about bringing people together and creating once-in-a-lifetime memories, experiences, and friendships that sustain well after a trip.”

Cultural dynamics came up in our conversation. Often, elders believe leisure travel is reserved for couples and families, a luxury for those with excess money & time. Nabila openly expresses the unfair pressures single South Asian women face.
“We’re not encouraged to travel because ‘what if something happens?’ Then again, some fellow female travelers expressed that their relatives were put to ease when they saw a young desi gal is hosting.” Nabila is a trailblazer for these millennials + Gen-Z desis.

Word of mouth is spreading like wildfire about the positive experiences people are having on these Dose of Travel Club adventures. In fact, it’s exactly how this  has come on Sahar’s radar in the first place. At a common friend’s wedding she meets someone who attended the Bali trip and had wonderful things to say about the camaraderie she felt with the others.

In the past year alone, Nabila has planned 12 Dose of Travel Club trips and personally led 8. From budget-friendly trips to more activity-driven destinations, there’s something for everybody. “Going as a group builds confidence and brings first-timers out of their comfort zones so they don’t have to worry about representation or safety.”

Nabila aims to scale the business, grow a team, and offer more options for those 40 and older. I requested a glamping and resort category (shoutout to lazy vibes). Bali and Tulum are the closest spots that check the box now.

Many see travel agencies as relics of the past, but Dose of Travel Club and Fora are redefining space in a modern way. Nabila’s motto is simple, “Give people what they want and make it accessible. We’ll plan and book everything so you show up and live your best life!” Nothing sounds better to me.

Upcoming Dose of Travel Club Trips:

Madeira+Lisbon: September 27 – October 4

Thailand: October 13 – October 21

Iceland: October 19 – October 23

Bali: October 25 – November 1

Tulum: February 21 – February 28

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