Around the World: Safer and Less Lonely Travel with Nabila Ismail

Nabila Ismail (@doseoftravel) took the trip from the group chat and ran with the idea. The 30-year-old founder of Dose of Travel Club is single-handedly building a community of South Asians and allies through safe, welcoming, and inclusive travel experiences.  It started with Nabila sharing her solo travel stories as a young Pakistani-American woman. These […]

“Crazy Broke Asian”: The Journey to Become a World-Class Artist

What happens when a repressed, closeted, depressed kid meets the love of her life? A docuseries is made not only for her first love-turned-ex but to prove her parents wrong. “Crazy Broke Asian” is an upcoming, 6-part docuseries created by Céline Do and produced by Parlous House. Filmed and animated in 30-minute episodes, the series […]

Cheese in Asia: A Brief History

Cheddar. Gouda. Burrata. These are just a few of the endless options that come to mind when I think of cheese. Almost unsurprisingly, all of these cheeses are attributed to Europe or North America. This got me wondering: why do we never think of cheese from Asia? According to the Boston Children’s Hospital, over 90% […]

Pandan is the New Green

Growing up, colorful meals were always the best. Bright red tocino, fluorescent orange kwek kwek, and deep purple ube halaya were just a few of my favorite vibrantly hued Filipino foods. The fun colors always signaled good eating was ahead. Pandan was no exception to this rule. When I was younger, I had only seen […]

15 LGBTQ+ Asian-Owned Brands to Support All Year

In honor of Pride Month, we have compiled 15 of our favorite LGBTQ+ Asian-owned brands to shop from and show support, not only during the month of June but every month. Ranging from food to skincare to makeup and more, these LGBTQ+ Asian-owned brands are worthy of your attention all year long.  1. Omsom  […]

The Undeniable Asian Influence on Streetwear Culture

Streetwear has always been a staple in Asian circles. From Harajuku Japan’s obsession with vintage sneakers down to K-Pop’s powerful influence on today’s trends and fits, it seems that Asia draws inspiration from what the U.S. and Europe have started and gives it back with even more passion and umph. For sure, they may be […]

Gimbap: Korean Comfort Food To Go!

In the fall of 2023, I finally sat down to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우) on Netflix, and like so many around the world, I fell in love with Woo Young-Woo’s brilliant, earnestly sweet nature. Gimbap’s comfort and consistency in her life, the expression of care and love illustrated by her appa, and […]

Viral YouTube Video, “Noose” Gets Music Sequel

Noose is a story about a young boy who, on the brink of committing suicide, is unexpectedly diverted from his path by the sound of barking in the distance. His encounter with a drowning puppy leads to an unexpected turn of events, offering a message of hope and redemption. At the end of the film, […]