Do you believe in the power of higher learning? Then Sundae School should not only be a must watch brand; it should serve as the perfect example of determination and pure hustle. Originally from Seoul, Korea, and now operating in California, Sundae School brand owners Dae and Cindy Lim were primarily from New York, which explains their street-savvy attitudes that are reflected through their brand’s messaging and aesthetics. Coming from the desire to tell their story along with the Asian-American connection, the name “Sundae School ” stems from their childhood in Korea, where school and religion were prominent. Creatively combining those with their exposure to weed culture, Sundae School was born.

Crafted and Inspired by Nature 

Sundae School aims to educate the unaware and shatter stereotypes when it comes to their allegiance to the plant, one product at a time. With the amount of attention and celebrity co-signs, school is definitely in session. 

Aside from being fun with their messaging and slogans, Sundae School means serious business. They have a lineup of releases that are not just your usual streetwear fare.Their designs range from the minimalist to the higher ends of the design spectrum. From hoodies to bowling work shirts, to cut and sew pieces, the brand has something in store for those who want a puff of style and substance. 

A Sense of Purpose 

Diversity and equality have always been the driving forces behind the brand, as no one gets left out of the mix. The brand also aims to donate proceeds from their sales to growing businesses aligned with their beliefs and values. 

Affectionately calling their community “Honor Rollers,” Sundae School is a brand that encourages dreamers of all sizes and shapes to follow the trail of smoke and make their dreams come true, no matter the odds.

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