SUBLIMA is a New York-born-and-bred jewelry brand that came from a place of creative frustration and merged into a beautiful homage to style and cultural heritage.

Kelly Bit, currently the vice president and editor of digital strategy at Morgan Stanley, is the definition of a girl who can do both. 

In addition to her full-time work in business-centered editorial, Bit turned to jewelry making to explore her personal identity through artistic creations.

When the brand was first launched in 2017, Bit’s designs leaned more abstractly, but as the company began to flourish, she became ever more inspired by her family’s cultural background, especially by food. 

As Bit mused, food is not only a societal connector between people of all ethnicities and backgrounds but also one of the primary links First-Gen immigrant kids have with their family’s cultural background.

Certain pieces, like the Xiaolongbao Soup Dumpling Hoops ($159), are inspired by the same plates that Bit used to share with her family at the dinner table. Other items, like the Boba Tea Splash & Bubbles Ring ($99), are a nod to modern Asian-American dining culture. 

When you buy a statement piece from the brand, you are not only buying a sustainably crafted piece of art composed of recycled brass and sterling silver, but you also have a chance to give back to the Asian-American community.

Since 2020, Sublima has worked with incredible organizations like Welcome to Chinatown, Asian American Federation, Asian Americans for Equality, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Equal Justice Initiative, Feeding America, and more to donate almost $80,000 to support NYC’s Chinatown’s, after-school programming, affordable housing, and food security.