Proudly owned by a woman of color of Filipina descent, Narra Studio takes pride in offering clothing crafted from traditional Philippine weaving. This ancient art form involves interlacing fibers to produce fabric.

At the heart of Narra Studio is the personal journey of its founder, Katte Geneta. A Filipino American artist, she was born in New York and raised in New York and Manila. Her deep connection to her Filipino roots led her to explore the intricacies of handwoven Filipino textiles. Inspired by the skilled manghahabi weavers, she made the decision to collaborate with them and artisans from diverse regions in the Philippines. Her mission extends beyond fashion; she seeks to foster connections within Filipino communities worldwide, empowering individuals to embrace and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Narra Studio’s clothing products are not just beautifully crafted pieces, but also unique expressions of traditional Filipino weaving techniques. They offer modern interpretations of traditional Filipino clothing, such as jackets woven using binakol techniques, originally crafted for protection against evil spirits; barong tops adorned with traditional embroidery; malongs, versatile wraparound garments suitable for skirts, dresses, pants, and beyond; and handwoven scarves. Each piece is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines, brought to life in contemporary fashion.

Some of their blouses also feature the Philippine terno, formerly used to describe a matching ensemble of clothing, which is now recognized as the unique large sleeve with a rounded top. Narra Studio provides stunning variations of the terno, allowing people to express their style with elegance and flair. 

Check out their website to learn more about how Narra Studio continues to connect Filipino communities worldwide.