Founder, Megan Miyamoto, recently launched MIKO Eyewear, an inclusive kids’ eyewear company designed to embrace low nose bridges with well-fitting, high-quality frames. When Megan learned that a staggering 80% of UV exposure occurs before the age of 18, leading to serious eye health concerns such as cataracts and eyelid cancer, she became determined to find the perfect solution for her then 4-year-old daughter. She was frustrated by the lack of options that fit her low nose bridge feature without slipping down her face or leaving cheek indents. Having personally struggled to find well-fitting eyewear most of Megan’s life, she didn’t want her kids to have the same experience of trying to “fit in” and feeling like there may be something wrong with their facial features due to a lack of options. At MIKO, they are on a mission to empower the next generation to see and experience the world confidently. MIKO is excited to share their debut MIKO Pacifica frame, designed to embrace low nose bridges with a built-in enhanced bridge made from high quality acetate, RX-able with included polarized lenses.