Anju Apparel, a brand born in the vibrant streets of New York City, is the brainchild of two Korean American cousins, Jenn and Nicole. Their love for streetwear fashion and a deep desire to incorporate their Korean heritage led them to create a unique blend. In a world where such a fusion is rare, Jenn and Nicole’s struggle to find brands that cater to their interests inspired them to start Anju Apparel. It’s their creative and tangible expression as they delve deeper into their culture, history, language, and food!

What does “Anju” mean? “Anju” refers to the bar snacks you have while drinking, a common part of Korean food and nightlife culture. Jenn and Nicole associate “Anju” with bonding with friends and family, social connections, and, at the end of the day – simply having fun! 

Anju Apparel’s best sellers are not just T-shirts; they are cultural symbols. The Magpie T-shirt, for instance, showcases a magpie, a bird that symbolizes Korean identity and represents good luck and good news in Korean culture. Another bestseller is the “The World Famous Haenyeo Vintage T-shirt.” This T-shirt is a retro “Americana” take that celebrates the Haenyeo, the women deep sea divers of South Korea who still free dive into the ocean to provide for their families. It’s a tribute to their resilience and strength. Anju Apparel also has a Korean Flag Trigram T-shirt. The Korean flag is made up of 4 trigrams, which are geon (sky), gon (earth), gam (water), and ri (fire). In Anju’s version, the four trigrams are depicted as anchovies instead, a playful twist that still holds the essence of Korean culture.
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