Mom and entrepreneur Samantha Ong wanted to ensure that her daughters grew up with a sense of pride in their Asian culture, and she knew that their toys could play a key part in making kids like hers feel seen. When her photography and videography business slowed down during the pandemic, she saw it as an opportunity to create Joeydolls to bring diverse Asian dolls to children worldwide. The company offers dolls representing a range of Asian cultures through their outfits, whether it’s Hei, the Chinese doll in a red and gold qipao, or Kamala, the Indian doll with bangles, gold tikka, dupatta, and lehenga. Ong hopes these dolls make children feel beautiful, strong, and worthy of love exactly as they are. Each doll is soft, cuddly, and designed to last a lifetime. They are a great tool for teaching children about other Asian cultures in Vietnam, Korea, China, the Philippines, India, and Japan and building confidence in their stories. These dolls are a great way to bring in stories and arts and crafts and imagine a story for each doll.