Care for a beer? The company’s name is inspired by dokkaebi (도깨비), mythical creatures in Korean folklore known for being mischievous and coming out to play at night. Like these spirits, Dokkaebier is here to help you eat, drink, and be merry with your community with its craft beers, which come in adventurous Asian-inspired flavors. 

Youngwon Lee, the visionary behind Dokkaebier, found his inspiration in his childhood memories of Seoul. His journey took him away, caring for his grandmother and working in a wine import business. But it was his passion for craft beer and the desire to bring a fresh perspective to the industry that led him back to his roots. 

When Lee felt ready to bring this culture to his business, he started creating craft beers with Korean-inspired flavors like lemongrass, jasmine, and yuzu, often drawing inspiration from his trips to the Asian supermarket. They even have kimchi sour, a tart ale made with a lactic culture from homemade kimchi, and notes of ginger and gochugaru, Korean sun-dried chili peppers. The business has come a long way since its days as a pop-up in San Francisco when he would single-handedly deliver beers around the Bay Area. Now, he has his taproom in Oakland alongside Black-owned brewery Hella Coastal, and their beers can be delivered anywhere in California.