After Tower 28, founder Amy Liu worked in the beauty industry designs for 15 years and often struggled to find brands that worked with her skin after struggling with chronic eczema. 

She designed Tower 28 to be safe for sensitive skin and meet National Eczema Association Guidelines. If you’re looking for a skincare product that you can use every day, the SOS Rescue Spray is designed to reduce redness and irritation with hypochlorous acid, and it can be used throughout the day, over makeup, and anywhere in between. You also have the option to use their lip treatments, lip jellies, and cream blushes to add some color to your look, all for under $35 a product. Tower 28 also works with Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to cleaning coastal waters and watersheds in the Greater L.A. area. Plus, the packaging is made from recycled plastic to avoid excess packaging like paper inserts.

Liu also wanted to support BIPOC-founded beauty brands, which is why she started the Clean Beauty Summer School in 2020. This program offers a 10-week course with mentorship, networking opportunities, and education on digital marketing, fundraising, and more.