Kulfi founder Priyanka Ganjoo wants you to embrace color in your makeup and everywhere else as a way to express yourself – though you might be surprised to hear that she didn’t start wearing makeup until she was 22. After working in the beauty industry for 5 years, she realized that there was still a gap to address when it came to makeup designed by South Asians for South Asians. Now that she runs her beauty brand, she is committed to developing products based on research, testing, and iteration based on feedback.
Ganjoo wants people to embrace color, which is why many of Kulfi’s products, from their kajal eyeliners to Zari eyes eyeshadow, boast bright blues, yellows, purples, oranges, and more. Even the name Kulfi is a reminder of eating kulfi, a South Asian ice cream, on a hot summer day, a reminder that makeup can be playful and approachable. With shade names like Purple Pataka, Chammak Challo, and Sitara Sparkles, Kulfi is keeping South Asian makeup lovers in mind, though their products are for everyone. Plus, they recently launched their Free the Brow brow gel, which has a formula of Vitamin E and sunflower oil designed to nourish brown hairs and improve the appearance of brow density. They’re also known for their kajal eyeliner, the brand’s original product that’s still here to ensure that the color lasts all day.