Korelimited’s mission, deeply rooted in the founder’s personal journey, has been fueled by a profound passion for Korean heritage since its establishment in 2013. As a Korean American, Matthew Kim, the visionary behind the brand, grew up in the United States with a strong connection to his roots. However, he also witnessed parts of his culture and language being forgotten. This personal experience ignited a fire within him, leading to the birth of Korelimited.

Korelimited’s mission is straightforward: to preserve and celebrate Korean culture through streetwear. Each design is a testament to the rich history and beauty of Korean culture, seamlessly blending it with the modern, edgy style of streetwear. But it’s not just about modern and artistic designs inspired by various aspects of Korean culture, such as language, national symbols, and the freedom movement. It’s about a promise of unique, high-quality fashion that stands the test of time. Since its launch in 2013, Kore’s designs have been appreciated by many popular artists such as Tiger JK, Kim Jong Kook, Arden Cho, and the dancers from 1MILLION Dance Studio. 

Korelimited promotes Korean culture and heritage by using various traditional motifs in its apparel. Some of them include the Korean dragon, which symbolizes wisdom, serenity, justice, and fortune; the trigrams and colors from the Korean flag; and the Korean tiger, which is often found in Korean folklore and is considered a sacred creature symbolizing good luck and protection from evil spirits.

Korelimited also frequently collaborates with Korean artists who weave their personal styles, inspirations, and designs into their clothing lines. Some of their major collaborations include LA Clippers, actress Sandra Oh, artist Kim Jung Gi, and South Korean streetwear brand Critic.  
Visit Korelimited’s website to see more of their apparel, which blends Korean heritage and culture with modern streetwear.