Have You Eaten? S1E1: Lowhi (fka Leo Xia)

In this episode of “Have You Eaten,” HELLO HAPI founder Ji Bowlus sits down with Los Angeles-based alt R&B/lofi artist Lowhi (fka Leo Xia) for a conversation about wellness, mental health, and the experiences of the Asian diaspora community. Lowhi shares his journey as a musician, his experiences with being a mental health advocate, and […]

The Undeniable Asian Influence on Streetwear Culture

Streetwear has always been a staple in Asian circles. From Harajuku Japan’s obsession with vintage sneakers down to K-Pop’s powerful influence on today’s trends and fits, it seems that Asia draws inspiration from what the U.S. and Europe have started and gives it back with even more passion and umph. For sure, they may be […]